„Der Architekturberater berät, unterstützt,
begleitet Bauherren, Unternehmen und Investoren
bei Erwerb, Renovierung, Restrukturierung und
Gestaltung ihrer Räume und Immobilien.“


How would you actually like to live?

Maybe you have already found your dream property. Or are you still looking? There are many housing options: you could live in a loft, in an period property, in a new build or in a house with a garden. Many questions pop up during the purchasing process. 

You will want to know whether the basic structure of the building is sound and which renovations will have to be undertaken. 

Equally important is to know how you would actually like to live in your new home. How does your furniture best fit into your new place? How can you optimise and rearrange the property so that it matches your own personal requirements?

As your architectural consultant I will oversee the whole of your living arrangements. That way all your questions, from the assessment of a room`s possibilities all the way to aesthetical concerns, will be answered. 

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